Building a vital community resource that improves lives and advances health takes vision and passion. Inova’s extraordinary facilities and services, compassionate care, clinical innovation, and cutting-edge research and education were not built overnight. They are the living legacy of our forward-thinking founders – Julia Johns and Grace Lucas – who mobilized their fellow citizens to open much-needed hospitals in Northern Virginia.

We are eternally grateful to the many individuals, past and present, who have made a notable contribution to building Inova’s legacy. This includes the generous philanthropists who understand the importance of supporting vibrant, high quality healthcare in our community. You embody the innovation that is the hallmark of our health system.

Gifts through sponsorships, underwriting opportunities and contributions will help us build our legacy and ensure our children, grandchildren and all Northern Virginians have access to advanced medical care, award-winning hospitals and services, pioneering research, and well-educated physicians, nurses and clinicians.  As in years past, supporters will have the opportunity to designate their gift to the Inova facility or program of their choice.

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